Jr. Festival

The NMFMC festival is for all students, both junior and adult, and is dedicated to providing the most advantageous environment for each student to perform and receive encouragement. Each musician will receive a rating based on their preparation, accuracy and musicianship. Festival entrants do not compete against each other. The festival is designed to support individual musical achievement. The individual can collect points based on the ratings they receive to earn trophies and progress at the piano with long term goals in mind.

The Ambassador Recital

After Jr. Festival has concluded each individual studio is offered the opportunity to nominate students from Jr. Festival to represent their studio in a showcase recital. The number of nominees is based on the amount of students the teacher has participating in the Festival. The recital is designed to highlight the students who work extra hard and celebrate their achievements.

The Composition Program

The NMFMC composition program is designed to foster creativity and provide feedback for the students original compositions. Judges are selected to provide constructive comments and suggestions to each entrant. Each composition is given the upmost care and thought knowing how much work is put into each one! The students begin at the state level and have the opportunity to progress to the regional and national levels. In addition to valuable comments, awards are given at each level ranging from 25-100$.

The TAP Program

The TAP program is designed to encourage students to study and pursue music theory. The exam is given annually sent by email to the individual studio teacher and practice tests are given early to help the students prepare. Based on the score they receive students can earn trophies over the long term the same way they can earn trophies for Jr.Festival and Composition.

The Scholarship Program

The scholarship program is a competitive piano event. A primary composer is chosen for the event and students are required to learn one of the selected repitour choices for that year and well as a piece chosen by the student. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners to go toward that students musical education. The event is organized once every 2 years.


Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

The NMFMC sponsors a workshop for teachers annually in the fall that is open to the public. The workshop focuses on topics of interest for the group and features a guest artist from the community to further our professional development.

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